Allicia Thompson 
Louisville, Kentucky
Meet Allicia Thompson...

 Allicia Thompson started life in New England, to which she attributes some of her loves: culture, a can-do attitude, the ocean, four beautiful seasons, Christmas-time in New York City, ballroom dancing, and really good food. 

 Her parents owned their own businesses and instilled qualities of perseverance and hard work. She learned to focus on work that is worthwhile and the knowledge that life could be lived on one's own terms and not based on the worth or value someone else deems acceptable.  

Allicia toured for several years in a band with her sisters, owns and runs a Massage & Spa, and is a successful Network Marketing Professional which has allowed her to take time to travel the world, work from home with her husband of 3 years, their 14 year-old son, and countless furry "kids" (including horses, dogs, and cats). 

 She loves inviting friends and family into their home for rest, peace, and a few moments a world away from the rest of their busy lives.  

Allicia believes that one of the most important things in life is to surround yourself with uplifting and positive people. 

 She champions writing out and working toward daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and lifelong achievable goals. 

 She coaches to dream big; keep true to who you are, no matter the circumstance; and always continue to learn and strive to be the best version of yourself possible.  

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